F-800SC - Scout™ Lift 

Independently Verified
to Meet ADA Guidelines
ADA Compliant
Wyle Labs

Features Include: 
• 350 lb (159 kg) weight capacity* 
• Set back range 12” to 34” (30 to 86 cm) 
• Clears walls up to 6” high 
• Can be adapted to most existing 6” deep anchors 
• 360 degree powered rotation either direction

Standard Aqua Creek Features: 
• Powdercoated stainless steel construction 
• Rechargeable battery operation includes battery charger 
• Submergible 4 button remote 
• Dual flip-up arms & adjustable belt 
• Limited lifetime structural warranty 
• Five year pro-rated electronics warranty

ADA Solution For Existing Anchors 
Independently verified to be ADA Compliant, The Scout™ is 
designed to be used in retro-fit applications. 

If your facility needs to become ADA compliant and you already have
 an existing 6” deep anchor, then The Scout™ is your solution. The Scout™
 eliminates the need for anchor installation by utilizing almost any existing 
1.9” I.D. x 6” deep anchor. Also available are adapter sleeves to 
accommodate larger and deeper diameter anchors. 

Item Number 
F-800SC - Scout™ Lift 

F-802SCNA - Scout lift, no anchor 
F-814SCTC - Transport cart pictured) 
F-722HRR - Headrest 
F-423CS - Chest strap 
F-105LAR - Pull out leg rest 
F-450SC - Protective cover 
F-808SA - Additional standard anchor 
F-820 - Anchor sleeve to retro-fit HANDY lift anchor* 
F-822 - Anchor sleeve to retro-fit Lifeguard lift anchor* 
F-824 - Anchor sleeve to retro-fit Elkhorn lift anchor* 
F-826 - Anchor sleeve to retro-fit Hoyer lift anchor* 

No sleeve required for EZ/Power EZ, Econo or Recreonics Anchors. 

*Reduced weight capacity of 300 lbs. when utilizing plastic sleeve

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